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"My daughter, Cate, started with Teacher Una about a year ago after I decided to have a change of music school and a focus: to have a more well- rounded musician instead of just honing in on exams which was the case with her previous school. 

With Teacher Una, our journey has been very different. She spent more time working with Cate on revisiting and cementing her foundation and technical skills. It is not a drilling method where the focus is on just perfecting the exam pieces but rather, she has a more holistic approach with an emphasis on listening and observing the teacher. This translates to home practice sessions that are more enjoyable and less stressed since the focal point has shifted. 

I highly recommend Teacher Una for her patience (great for Type A mums like me!) and genuine love for children and a passion in not just nurturing a love for music in children, but to empower them with the confidence and skills to be able to pick up the instrument and feel proud that they are indeed able to create beautiful music." 

- Alicia Tan,

Full-Time Marketer &
Part-Time Parent Blogger

Mum of Cate, 8-years old

"Since Philip started learning under Ms Lauw more than 3 years ago, he has further developed his technical playing abilities and sight reading skills at a faster rate than with the previous school he was in.

We are particularly pleased with the individual attention that he is given and the group playing opportunities which help develop his overall musicianship.


The biennial opportunity to participate in the regional Suzuki conference is also much anticipated by Philip as much for the chance to play with like-minded children as it is to travel!"

-Dominic Heng

Dad of Philip, 9-years old

" We enjoy the systematic approach of the Suzuki method for the violin lessons, from both perspectives of a student and a parent. This, coupled with Una's thorough knowledge of the Suzuki method and her vast teaching experience with children, made us feel very confident in this learning journey."

-June Leow

Mother of En bi, 9-years old

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