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Una Lauw

-More than 25 years of teaching experience. 

-Suzuki Violin, Piano and ECE.

-President of Suzuki Talent Education Association Singapore (STEAS)

-Board member of Asia Region Suzuki Association (ARSA)

-Suzuki Violin Teacher Certified till Book 10.

Born into a musical family, Una Lauw started studying the violin with her father, S.C. Lauw at the age of 3 ½ years old, who, with his wife, belong to the only group of Singaporean Suzuki Teachers who were trained by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. She completed the Suzuki Book 8 at 10, and Grade 8 exams at 11 years.


Later, Una continued her studies with Ms Vivien Goh, Mr Foo Say-Ming, Mr Ng Yu-Ying, and had masterclasses with Ms Takako Nishizaki, Mr Ronald Woodcock, Mr Chua Lik Wuk, and Mr Yasuki Nakamura, Professor Lan Ku Chen. She also holds certification of violin performance at all three diploma levels, ATCL, LTCL & FTCL from the Trinity College of Music.

Starting at 16, Una now has 25 years of teaching under her belt, holding a strong belief in the Suzuki Method Philosophy of “Every Child Can Learn”, and that student should be nurtured with love. She has trained under various Suzuki trainers (Mr Yasuki Nakamura, Prof. Hwang Kyung-Ik, Prof. Lanku Chen, Prof. Carmencita Arambulo, Ms Chen Wan-Tsai), starting in 1995 and received her full Suzuki Violin Teaching Certification in 2005.

Una is proficient in teaching students of all ages and ability, from 2½ years to adults, beginners to advanced students. Many of her students who have passed the violin diplomas (ATCL & LTCL) still continue their violin studies with her for years after. Her students also have the opportunity to perform in concerts twice a year, as an ensemble and as soloists, organized by Una herself.

An advocate for the Suzuki Method in Singapore, Una is credited with working relentlessly to form the Suzuki Talent Education Association Singapore (STEAS), and has been its President since August 2015. In her bid to understand how Suzuki Method works for other instruments, she has started on Suzuki Piano teachers training since 2016. More recently, in 2017 Una has also attended the 1st stage of Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) Training in Taipei.

Since 1995, she has been attending Suzuki Music conferences and teacher training workshops around the world, the latest being the 2016 Bali Suzuki Conference, and observed classes by Mrs Suzuki, Martin Ruttimann, Mr Yasuki Nakamura, Koji Toyoda and many more Suzuki Trainers.

Una also has extensive experience in performing, as she has performed with several well-known local orchestras, such as the Singapore Youth orchestra (now knows as the Singapore National Youth Orchestra), Chamber Players, Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra and the XYO (formed by ex-members of the SYO). She also conducts her own students’ ensemble for concerts.


Una’s children have been trained with the Suzuki Violin Method from 2 ½ years old, and her eldest,  has passed the Grade 8 exams at 7 years, completed the Suzuki Book 10 at 9 years and the ATCL diploma at 10 years of age.

- Trained by Dr Suzuki himself

- Teaching experience of more than 35 years for Suzuki Violin method.

- Suzuki Certified to Book 8.

- Executive committee member of Suzuki Talent Education Association Singapore  (STEAS).

Trained personally by Dr Suzuki, Ms Chise Yajima and Mr Yasuki Nakamura, Mrs Lauw-Teo Peck Twee has been teaching the violin for more than 30 years and has been an active advocate for the Method in Singapore.  She strongly believes in the Suzuki’s “Mother Tongue” approach in learning music and has been actively participating in Suzuki Conferences, seminars and Teachers' workshop throughout Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and USA.  She was involved in the Suzuki Music Conference in Singapore in 2002 and was a faculty member in the 3rd Asia Suzuki Conference in Manila, 2007.

An extremely patient musician with a warm and personable approach, she is one of the few trained and experienced Senior Suzuki teachers in Singapore who has been teaching young beginner violin students from 2½ years old for than 30 years.  In fact, her students were the 1st in Singapore to be graded by Dr Suzuki himself for the Suzuki assessment grading test back in the 1985.

Mrs Lauw-Teo

Peck Twee

Mrs Lauw-Teo Peck Twee
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