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Dr Suzuki, the founder of Suzuki method, started learning violin only when he was 17. With the devastation that the end of World War II brought upon Japan, he was determined that the future generations of Japanese children should never have to through that again and devoted the rest of his life into music education for young children. 


He believed that every child with the ability to learn music, would be able to learn life skills and appreciate the beauty and finer things in life and eventually be a useful person to the society. In that way, society would be more harmonious. As Dr Suzuki would say, character first, ability second.

"Beautiful tone, beautiful heart" Having a beautiful heart and beautiful tone, is most important. 

Inner beauty of the heart is more lasting than excellent playing technique. 


"Man is a child of his environment." 

To him, every child can learn an instrument with the right environment and parental support. Hence the method is also called the "mother tongue" method as the way to learn a language can be applied to learning an instrument for young children. 


As he said: when love is deep, much can be accomplished.  Parents and teachers ,who have deep love for their students and children, will do their best to nurture and educate them at the best they can. Together, this love and combined efforts will be able to achieve much.

Dr. Suzuki with Mr. Lauw, Mrs. Lauw and Ms. Lauw

Teachers training with Mr. Nakamura

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