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As we understand that you may have some questions or concerns before deciding to study the Suzuki Method, we address some common concerns that parents may have.

1) Do Suzuki students take any traditional music exams?

Students will be allowed to take exams once they are of certain standard determined by the teacher. We understand the need to do graded exams for local students but we also believe in preparing the students beyond assessments. Hence, we do not rush them for exams. The focus is to ensure that their music foundation is built firmly so they could handle future challenges that come their way. There are 17 pieces in Volume 1 of the violin method, which is more than the 3 pieces a year that traditional exams cover.


Regardless of participation in graded exams, STEAS teachers' Suzuki students are expected to participate in the Suzuki Talent Education Association Singapore (STEAS) graduation system.


2) Do parents have to sit in class all the time?

It is always hard to start a new instrument, especially for a young child. Having parents sit helps in the progress of learning. Parents' role would be to take notes, ensure the listening part is done and be the practice partner at home, as daily practice is required. Parents are also encouraged to learn to play the instrument, to know the challenges their children face. Usually, the longer the parent is involved with the child's practice and lessons, the faster the child will progress.


Parents should discuss with the teacher on when to stop sitting in for classes.


3) We heard that Suzuki students do not read notes. Is this true?

No, this is not true. Students are required to learn to read notes once they settle their basics (i.e. posture) and in primary school. They have to be good in note reading as they need to play duets, in ensembles, etc., at students' concerts. The emphasis is a lot on listening to music, no doubt, but Suzuki teachers have to teach note reading to ensure their students can handle any ensemble they would play.  


The Suzuki method is a student-centric method. The pace of teaching will depend on student. Hence, if you want your child to be very good with the instrument or learn faster, the key is to listen a lot to the Suzuki CDs and practice daily!

If your queries are not addressed, please contact us via the Contact Us form!

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